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How to clean your sofa

How to clean your sofa

For Leather Collection

·       Vacuuming with the soft brush attachment is also recommended to remove any dust and debris that may accumulate in crevices, around buttons, the welting or underneath cushions.

·       For minor liquid stains, quickly soak up the spill by carefully blotting up the liquid with a clean white cloth. Let the area air dry. Most spills are blotted up and dry very easily.

·       If a liquid or other substance leaves a stain or water mark, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning service. Your local furniture retailer will be happy to recommend a reputable person for you. Never use any cleaning solutions on your leather furniture.



General Care

·       Always place your leather furniture at least 50cm (2 feet) away from any direct sources of heat, such as fireplaces, vents and radiators.

·       Direct sunlight is harmful to most interior surfaces and your leather furniture is no different. You must avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

·       Placing your furniture away from uncovered windows and skylights will ensure that the beautiful color does not fade.

·       Never use household cleaners, cleaning solutions or harsh chemicals to clean or dust your leather furniture. Always contact your professional if a stain cannot be removed after blotting up the spill and air drying.

·       Genuine leather products patina and age over time and use, this is completely normal and adds to the beauty and uniqueness of your furniture. There are also slight dye lot variations in every leather purchase that we acquire. It is important to note that due to these reasons, we cannot guarantee that furniture purchased at different times will match exactly.

For Bi-cast Covering

Bi-Cast is a highly sophisticated, automated process of taking the split layer of the hide and coating it with an embossed, dyed polyurethane coating. This technique provides an economical cover that is durable and easy to clean.



·       Periodically dust your furniture with a soft, white cloth. We recommend a microfiber chamois.

·       Vacuuming with a soft brush attachment will remove any dust and debris that may accumulate in and around crevices, buttons, the welting or underneath cushions.

·       Blot any spills or stains away with a damp white cloth. Bi-Cast, due to the polyurethane coating is resistant to most spills and stains if cleaned quickly.

·       Mild soap without dye or fragrance can also be used to clean more stubborn stains.

·       Never use household cleaners, solvents or alcohol based products on your bi-cast furniture.


General Care

·       Clean the surface before you finish, and buff it to keep from sealing in dirt.

·       Regular household chemicals and cleaners are known to increase aging and wear of leather.



For Fabric Covering

We select the best coverings to cover our sofas. Our fabrics are supplied by the most authorized manufacturers that are based on the on-going trend of fashion, so they represent the ideal balance between quality and style and are able to combine softness and practicality. If you have purchased a sofa with a fabric covering, please have a closer look at the specifications of the maintenance.



·       Periodically clean the sofa with a soft brush or cleaner.

·       Dismantle and clean the external weaving cover of the sofa:

It is better to clean up the cover with dry-cleaning. You shall apply the cleanser without decolourant and oxidants to avoid depigment. The cover shall be dried levelly, not directly by sunshine.

·       Fixed weaving covers (no wash with dismantlement):

The remains shall be rid off soon once polluting the cover.

Remove it with a soft cloth or absorbent paper, not with a colored cloth. We recommend you to remove the remains without delay. In some cases when a chemical solution is needed, please do not apply it directly on the remains. The best way to do that is to drop some amount of chemical on a clean cloth and clean up at the covert of the sofa as a trial, then find out whether any depigment or crumple occurs. Such problems shall be highlighted when you clean colorful cloth-art or textile products.