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€0.00 - Delivery


All our products are made-to-order. That means the production is based on your preferences, so a reasonable period of time is needed to complete your order.
After the production is completed, a quality control is carried out and, consequently, the transportation of your products begins. 

The total time needed (from production to final arrival of the products at our warehouses) is about 8-12 weeks. Once the ordered products arrive to our warehouses, they will be delivered to your place within 5 working days.

There are two types of delivery service:

Delivery Service: This service provides you only the transportation of the product to your place (without assembly). The charge for this service is only 25€.

Delivery & Assembly Service: This service provides you delivery and assembly of all your products. For this service the payment is 25€ plus the following assembly charges:

Dining Table: €25
Coffee Table: €20
TV-Stand: €20
Hanging Cabinet: €10
Hanging Shelf: €10
Bookshelves / Wardrobes: €20
Drawers: €15
Console Table: €15
Bed: €25
Kids Bed: €25
Kids Office: €25
Kids Bunk Bed: €55
Kids Super Wardrobe Bed: €45
Kids Ladder with 4 drawers: €30
Kids Drawer: €20
Kids Drawer for Extra Bed: €15
Kids Hanging Shelf: €10
Kids Hanging Cabinet: €10
Transfer of Mattress in the bedroom: €15